Vijay Batra was born in New Delhi, India and has been on his spiritual journey since his childhood. He is the founder of Shunya Panth and is widely recognized as Karmalogist. He introduced and developed courses like Omen Meditation, Omen Energy Therapy, Shunya Metaphysical Awakening, Napoo Paranormal Healing and provides Karma Counselling Sessions for individuals and groups.

He has experience 40+ years and brings forward his expertise as a Spiritual Brand Expert to assist and guide amazing spiritual people who want to establish their name and brand in the spiritual world to serve the society/humanity.

Why do you need a Spiritual Brand Expert?

  • You have active spiritual senses but people don’t recognize you
  • You have spiritual gifts but people don’t appreciate you
  • You have spiritual powers but you are not able to derive benefits out of them
  • You have spiritual vision but don’t know how to show path to others
  • You have experience in spiritual field but haven’t gain much success yet
  • You have spiritual interests but are unaware how to convert your interests into your profession
  • You have spiritual knowledge but don’t know how to be Professional Spiritual leader
  • You are able to lead others spiritually but don’t know how to make a lasting impact
  • You have strong intuition power and want to help others, but are afraid of the unknown challenges that may come up in this field
  • You have a history of strong spiritual journey but are still looking for a way to become a Holistic Spiritual Mentor

Special Features -

  • Spiritual training as per your abilities and interests
  • Spiritual Awakening as per your metaphysical stage
  • Spiritual developments as per your spiritual practices
  • Spiritual event ceremony guidelines as per your audience
  • Spiritual workshops to gain clarity for various spiritual concepts

Feel free to contact if you are looking for a Spiritual Brand Expert.

Do not hesitate if you are looking for -

  • Spiritual programs and workshops
  • Spiritual Learning and training sessions
  • Spiritual Coach and Mentor

Vijay Batra has trained many professionals who are working as Spiritual leaders and Gurus across the world. The names, however cannot be revealed in order to preserve confidentiality.

Grab the opportunity and connect to expand your Spiritual Project.

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