Karma Reading by Karmalogist

We always do right karma(s) in our opinion and think that this is good karma because it is done with good intentions by us. If this is the case, then why do we suffer in life when everyone is doing good karma. You would agree that karma does not give its consequences according to the good intentions whether it is pure and good itself. Every person has their own thoughts and rules while following worldly things but actually the necessary thing is that your karma must be for growth only.

  • Do you believe in karma theory
  • What is your future plan spiritually
  • Are you fed up with superstitions
  • How much karma matters to get moksha

Karmalogist (Vijay Batra) started karma reading / analysis to transform your life and lifestyle. This analysis will also help you at your soul level.

In life, you must know:

  • Which karma suits you according to present consequences
  • Which karma has to be done for happy and successful life
  • Which daily karma(s) needs to be changed for prosperity
  • Which social karma(s) must be improved for good health
  • Which karma(s) attracts paranormal energy towards you
  • Which karma is required for happy and committed relationships
  • Which karma of daily life should be routine to get positive results
  • Which karma is works as superstitious instead of spiritual or good

This Karma reading is an essence of karma law which is separate from religions and requires thorough effort and time instead of just listening and reading.

Karmalogist (Vijay Batra) provides counselling sessions after karma reading.

Home and office visit are also available if you want reading of karma at particular place.

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We help you to get rid of superstitions, forced confusions, illogical rituals and unnecessary fears of karma(s).

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