Meditation with Open Eyes !

To achieve unique elevation, you must practice unique meditation.

Our Aura has three types of energy layers, these are Void energy, Meta energy and Para energy. Each person has different frequencies of these energies in their aura. Some people have active Meta energy whereas some have active para energy in their aura. A very few people in the world have activate Void energy in their aura. Omen Meditation is specially designed to balance and align these three energies. Imbalance of energies in aura is one main reason for negative thoughts.

Most people try to achieve positivity by listening music, watching motivational videos, reading good books, and some use meditation as well. But they fail to achieve and continue positivity in their lives.

When aura of a person has active Para energy, it attracts negativity and negative souls around, which gives rise to negative thoughts. Even a person with positivity and knowledge may fail to counter and control this negativity.

People who have higher positive energy are at a higher risk of being attacked by negative energy. Thus, more of any kind of energy is not helpful and there is a far greater need to balance different kinds of energies.

Vijay Batra Karmalogist has developed Omen Meditation for more benefits and achievements in Spiritualism and Voidism. The objective, method and impact of meditation is totally different in Omen Meditation.

Omen Meditation has a ground breaking technique to balance all three energies of the aura. It helps to activate, circulate and manipulate any energy as required at any time. When all three energies of a person are equal to each other, it helps the soul not to wander after leaving the body. Balancing of aura energies of the body means Salvation of the soul. So, it is possible to plan salvation before death through Omen meditation techniques.

Omen meditation can be done with open eyes, anywhere, anytime, as per the doer’s wish. There is no need to sit on a particular place with close eyes or in a posture. You can be in your meditated state even when you are working with body. Once you start to practice it, you will realize that there is so much to learn and discover through Omen Meditation.

Benefits of Omen Meditation:

  • Understanding Your Soul
  • Understanding Your Mind
  • Understanding Your Body
  • Understanding Your Fears
  • Understanding Your Peace
  • Understanding Your Beliefs
  • Understanding Your Doubts
  • Understanding Your Energy
  • Understanding Your Powers
  • Understanding Your Success
  • Understanding Your Purpose
  • Understanding Your Positivity
  • Understanding Your Goodness
  • Understanding Your Blockages
  • Understanding Your Happiness
  • Understanding Your Spirituality
  • Understanding Your Awakening
  • Understanding Your Superstitions
  • Understanding Your Relationships
  • Understanding Your Enlightenment

With sincere practice and dedication, you can perform such tasks and become an Omen Master. After becoming a certified Omen Master you can train others to experience and practice Omen Meditation.

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