What is Omen Therapy?

Omen Therapy is an alternative series of therapies which is scientific and non-toxic. It is very effective for low energy, negative energy, blocked energy and evil energy and free from any side effects. Omen Therapy is invented by Vijay Batra Karmalogist who is actively working to solve various spiritual and psychic problems since more than two decades. Omen Therapy is created for self-cure without depending on any other therapist.

Omen Therapy teaches cost-free cure and this therapy can be used anytime and anywhere after learning the techniques in the course book.

Omen Therapy can be used to cure all types of invisible health issues like negativity, sleeping problems, weird dreams, sadness, confused, over thinking, concentration problem, fears, worries, loneliness, anxiety, feeling of guilt, mood swings, low confidence, tiredness, low energy, laziness, energy blockage, heaviness , daily problems, negative thoughts, suicidal thoughts, complaints, self-doubt, negative energy, weak aura, emotional problems, feeling of crying, feeling of give up, feeling of runaway, mind blockage, personality change, sick but medically fit, wrong decision, unwanted activity, repeated thoughts, arguments without reason, feeling of shouting, loss of trust, fail of medical treatment, difficult to explain problems, stress, distraction, feeling sinful, lost purpose of life, chakra blockage, aura blockage, aura attacks, anger, feeling shattered, trauma, depression, nervous breakdown, spiritual blockage, low intuition,  meditation problems, etc.

There are three stages of negative energy:

  1. Low energy - affects mind
  2. Blocked energy - affects body
  3. Evil energy - affects soul

Any person can be affected by negative energy and they can be at any stage. Omen therapy is specially introduced for energy wellness. We provide individual therapy session, course coaching and group workshops.

Omen Therapy is a modern version of unique scientific therapy and completely different from all types of other common therapies. Its use is not dependent on one’s intellect & past experience, and therefore, it is available to everyone. It has been successfully taught to thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds.



Apart from other planets, the Earth has a  significant impact on everyone. This is  because earth has two energies, namely negative energy and positive energy, which is why every being is affected by negative energy and positive energy. Omen reading is introduced for energy reading which is very useful to know about current impact of both energies on mind, body and soul. The unique part of Omen reading is that there is no need of any date of birth or horoscope to read about energy. Omen reading for energy guides you and prepares you for a positive and peaceful life. Omen reading is more effective to understand if you opt for individual reading and counselling. After Omen reading, you can learn Omen Therapy for self cure from negative energy and can create positive atmosphere for yourself on your own. 

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