Shunya means VOID, (formless Almighty/God).

Shunya-Panth is an unbiased community based on the concept of a formless Almighty and its main aim is to provide unique secretive knowledge about salvation to all soul citizens. Shunya-Panth has drafted and created Shunya-Samhita which aims to spread the knowledge of soul, consequences of karma, Void and salvation world. It is the only source available for void enlightenment.

For complete knowledge of Shunya, Shunya-Samhita acts as a mentor and mediator to eradicate your fears and confusions, and to help and guide you on the path of salvation. Shunya-Panth was established by KARMALOGIST Vijay Batra and is working to remove superstitions, illogical ideas and beliefs that have caused much confusions and troubles in life.

Shunya-Panth does not ask you to follow anything in the world. It does not promote any kind of chanting or rituals. It is only for divine enlightenment to achieve Salvation. Shunya-Panth is providing Void knowledge to the seekers (Shunya-Panthi) through divine Shunya-Samhita.

The divine knowledge attained through Shunya-Panth’s  Shunya-Samhita teaches about the origin of Soul, Karma theory, Salvation and the secret world of souls. This is not based on any kind of beliefs and stories, and in fact removes all kinds of fears and confusions through its unbiased divine knowledge. You get rid of orthodox beliefs and provides inspiration to live your daily life in a categorical and logical manner. Shunya-Samhita provides deep knowledge about life and its purpose, and the unique wisdom of formless and tangible/worldly things.

Shunya-Samhita gives insight into Void awareness and spiritual evolution of the soul citizens.