Shunya means VOID, (formless Almighty/God).

Shunya Panth is an unbiased Void community based on the concept of a formless Almighty and its main aim is to provide unique secretive knowledge about salvation to all soul citizens. Shunya Panth aims to spread the knowledge of soul, consequences of karma, Void and salvation world. It is the only source available for void enlightenment.

For complete knowledge of Shunya (formless Almighty), Shunya Panth acts as a mentor and mediator to eradicate your fears and confusions, and to help and guide you on the path of salvation. Shunya Panth was established by Karmalogist Vijay Batra and is working to remove superstitions, illogical ideas and beliefs that have caused much confusions and troubles in life.

Shunya Panth does not ask you to follow anything in the world. It does not promote any kind of chanting or rituals. It is only for divine enlightenment to achieve Salvation. Shunya-Panth is providing Void knowledge to the seekers.

Shunya Panth is not based on any kind of beliefs and stories, and in fact removes all kinds of fears and confusions through its unbiased divine knowledge. You get rid of orthodox beliefs and provides inspiration to live your daily life in a categorical and logical manner. Shunya Panth provides deep knowledge about life and its purpose, and the unique wisdom of formless and tangible/worldly things.

Shunya Panth gives insight into Void awareness and spiritual evolution of the soul citizens.

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To become a member of Shunya Panth, fill up the membership form and submit it along with 2 passport size photos, a valid ID proof and acknowledgement of terms and conditions.


Membership Eligibility Terms & Conditions:

  1. The above stated membership associates to become a member of Shunya Panth and there is no requirement to be religious or spiritual in order to attain Shunya Panth’s services. Shunya Panth is aimed at providing metaphysical awakening and does not in any way relate to any religion or religious teachings.
  2. Through the form of Shunya Panth teachings and practices, many people have overcome problems in their lives and progressed on a path to metaphysical enlightenment. However Shunya Panth is not presented as something to believe in, but rather as something to do. Nothing in Shunya Panth is true, unless it is true for you, according to your own observation and experiences. The teachings of Shunya Panth cover many aspects of life and were developed over many years by the founder of Shunya Panth, VIJAY BATRA KARMALOGIST. Shunya Panth contains the answers discovered by Mr. VIJAY BATRA KARMALOGIST that truly work in bringing about metaphysical enlightenment. But no promises or claim are made, since success depends upon your own willingness to learn and apply those teachings in life.
  3. No Shunya Panth’s education/services are complete, unless you are personally satisfied that you have achieved the result of teachings. You should not start new teachings and practice unless you are completely satisfied with the prior learnings.
  4. Shunya Panth reserves the right to refuse to admit any person onto any service, or to discontinue to provide any service.
  5. While taking any Shunya Panth educational services, you should ensure that you are willing to learn for awakening and enlightenment of the soul.
  6. Any records made in connection with your education and practice are the property of Shunya Panth. They may be transferred to any Shunya Panth’s branch. In accordance with data protection principles, by signing this agreement you are giving permission for such records to be kept, and such transfers to be made. If you have any Shunya Panth service(s), you understand that these records are kept confidential within Shunya Panth and also that you have no right of access to copy or view the same.
  7. You will participate in this education only if your physical and mental conditions are fit to do so. The service provided is not intended and is not used for diagnosing ailments of the body or for engaging in the teaching or practice of any medical arts or sciences.
  8. You are applying your own volition in good faith to derive all possible spiritual gain from the service, and are not undertaking our services for any other purpose.
  9. You understand that this education is not provided to anyone who has been treated in an institution for mental or emotional disorders, or who has criminal history, or who is connected with another person of known antagonism to Shunya Panth. You will sign this enrollment agreement only if you qualify with the above mentioned points. If you have any doubts at this point, you will clarify the same before proceeding.
  10. You agree to regularly participate and contribute to propaganda, expansion and fund raising activities voluntarily.

Vijay Batra Karmalogist

Founder: ShunyaPanth