Services by Karmalogist

Karmalogist Vijay Batra is a world famous name into spiritual field, who creates awareness about the various superstitions and orthodox belief systems prevalent in the society. The key responsibility of a karmalogist is to teach logic based concepts based on extensive research. Karmalogist is committed to teaching about Karma and sharing the numerous benefits that it offers to humans. They are a source of information and inspiration to those who are searching for real, logical and practical answers to various spiritual and worldly issues.

Karmalogist is one who has attained a specific level of enlightenment and salvation. They work selflessly for the betterment of humans and the society. They firmly believe in giving back to the community, the knowledge they have gained through years of penance and meditation. They share their knowledge in karma with the community to enhance the quality of lives of people and also to encourage selfless service. They remain sharply focused on development and establishment of a religion-free world by imparting spiritual education. It helps people have clarity of thought about various aspects of life and dispel away confusion, depression and fear.

Karmalogist is an expert in the theory of Karma and know the consequences of Karma complete with reasons and logics. They can help improve the results of past Karma by removing all its ill-effects.

Services by Karmalogist

Karmalogist Vijay Batra offers the following services at his center:

  • Online and 1-To-1 Spiritual wisdom to attain salvation
  • Personal Counseling for all personal and relationship problems
  • Protection and removal of evil eye, curse, Spell casting, Black magic

Online and1-To-1 Services:

This is a unique service which helps people understand how to attain self consciousness and the many benefits of metaphysics skill. Subscribers to the 1-to-1 services can get all the answers to various spiritual queries that they might have and for which they have not found the answers as yet despite searching for them everywhere. This service takes a different approach to understanding spirituality and is quite different from the conventional orthodox teachings and rituals that many people are exposed to from various elements of the society. The service also shows how to improve karma which is often performed erroneously due to belief in superstitions.


The protection service offered at the College of Spiritual Education is a solution designed to help you in resolving all your personal problems affected by Evil Eye, Spell-Casting, Black-Magic, Negative-Energies, Curse, Evil-Spirits, and Tantra-Mantra. The solutions are offered in the form of home-based spiritual methods that offer excellent relief from various kinds of sufferings. Protection service can be availed by individuals on a need basis from time to time. Dr. Batra also offers quality assistance in various aspects of life such as Relationships, Stress, Confusion, Distraction, Mistakes, Sins, Guilt, Fear and other problems.

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