Paranormal problems are nothing to be ashamed of !

Karmalogist Vijay Batra is blessed with paranormal abilities and has a unique technique of Napoo healing that works against the ill-effects of paranormal world including black magic, spirits attack, evil eye, curse, spells etc. He can easily recognize the root of all types of negative energy and accordingly suggests element based scientific and logical remedies to nullify the bad effects.

Karmalogist Vijay Batra works in a secretive manner, because the paranormal world itself is a secret and invisible. He provides individual services to his clients. Feel free to contact Karmalogist Vijay Batra when you are confirmed that you are victim of paranormal problems or attacked by supernatural forces and have tried everything possible but failed to gain the results for your sufferings.

You should request for Napoo counselling and healing from Karmalogist Vijay Batra when your medical tests are not able to identify the reason of suffering(s) and no popular remedy works against problems.

Karmalogist Vijay Batra is expert in knowing the symptoms and difference between visible and invisible forces and External or Internal effect of supernatural powers. Napoo provides excellent relief from all kinds of inauspicious situations and sufferings because it is one of the most secretive metaphysical techniques, which is not based on traditional scary rituals and orthodox methods.

He gives Napoo Yantra for free of cost to anyone who is/are suffering paranormal problems. Napoo Yantra is used for protection from supernatural forces.  It must be put at the main entrance of the home to protect the family and it must also be used in bedrooms when negativity effect is very strong in personal front.

Karmalogist Vijay Batra has been providing services for more than two decade and has thousands of satisfied clients across the globe.

You must contact to Karmalogist:

  • When no one understands about your paranormal sufferings.
  • When you feel presence of invisible entity with or around you.
  • When no benefits of traditional rituals and remedies are received.
  • When your aura becomes weak day by day and attracts negativity.
  • When you feel sick but medical reports fail to recognize the actual problem.
  • When hearing about other’s problems leads to that same problem in your life.

Paranormal Services by Karmalogist:

  • Paranormal Counselling
  • Paranormal Healing
  • Paranormal Coaching